The present website with all its variety of work confirms, and reconfirms a evolutionary response to an involutionary framework of Indian historic continuum and her civilization. In a strand of many cycles of preceding ages, which are embedded in the memory of a long temporal chain of events, nothing is linear and straightforward. In the Cosmos, new galaxies are just born within a million years, from resplendent stellar nurseries. And these newborns are nothing compared to very old galaxies, which are senile and experiencing ‘Red shift’ before they collapse to a black hole. These old agencies age surpass trillions of years to which the stellar are newborn babies. The temporal experience of the older galaxies is to be seen in the growth path of the new galaxies, which an Astrophysicist normally seeks, tracing the dynamics of cosmic change.

In the long history of humankind, similarly, there are shades of people. You may have four types. People who are rational and not agnostic; people who are irrational and agnostic; people who are both rational and agnostic; and people who are beyond all three, are Gnostics believing in direct realization rather than intellectual jargons, debates and arguments.

Hundreds of hours of a seminar in behavioural psychology probably cannot explain the love of the Mother for the child that she bears in her womb. That love is in being and becoming. The passion for business is only known to a successful businessman. No intellectual debate emotionally can come close to the passion of that business or even explain the joy of a successful student approximating on the realization of his own teacher of mathematics. Similarly, no rational plethora can come close to the direct realization like a Poet conceiving the words in his mind before penning them down. These are simple instances of Gnosis, where the process of knowledge is not intellectual, but biological or participatory or in rapture.

The symbol of that rapture is that Matrix, the container, the womb, the mould generating infinite circle of things that embrace the foetus or the seed of evolution and involution, is Gnosis, is the root of all knowledge system. The English world ‘wisdom’ is just close to it. In Sanskrit, it is called ‘Dharana’, or realization by virtue of someone becoming that being. So, Dhamma is ‘Dharayate iti Dharma’ is the foundation of realization, is the foundation of realization, which is not organized religion, but the organization of an aspirant’s mind concentrating on past experiences or inputs (involution) to chart out the course of future growth (evolution). It is not exactly religion, but what you may call ‘Complete religion’.

The soul-minds, the very special ones, who have reached these levels, like the Buddha or Christ, or like Sri Ramakrishna, Sri Aurobindo or Ramana Maharshi in our own times, are the Rishis. The Rishis are complete or ‘Purna’, and therefore they are at ease (in Sanskrit you call that Sahaja and the aspirant is called Sahajiya) with the complete significance of existence. They are called Sages. Irrespective of where they are born or under what faith, they clarify anything and can stand for everything in this universe. They are also known as Sants or Saints. They are the universal soldiers of righteousness.

The Sages of India are therefore the Sages of the Universe. The geographic potential of the Indian sub-continent has always housed the evolution of the spiritual order, compared to other countries advancing on the material order. India has garnered the cyclic, the teleological understanding of evolution that is always preceded by the knowledge of involution coming from previous cycles. Let us have two simple instances. The current batch of evolving students have always responded to the previous cycles of graduated students, who are now teachers and somehow ‘involved’ in the mind and psyche of the new batches. Therefore, from the diagram above, the coexistence of the larger and much older (long stretch temporal) non-linear (C) cycle is inclusive of the straightforward linear sets or events (A and B) that can be scaled and mapped in known fathoms of history. Together, they represent a complete set of realization.

Thus it is an imperative and greater necessity, to look at the whole ladder, which is just not a linear spike, but a helical and temporal coil of evolution, over many ages and aeons. How many times, a Vedic past has come in and gone is a teleological enigma! So we cannot capture any temporal event in isolation, but as a branch somewhere in the Tree of Dissemination. The Tree of Dissemination is the key!

We have to see the connections between the older seeds from that Forest (Aranyaka) of the past to the Present Tree. We also have to see how the present tree forms the seed of future shoots in the new forests of humanity. The backward and forward linkages in time, are analogous ideas of retarding and progressing waves of physics. The complementarities between the two hold the key and portray the imagery of the Tree of Wisdom.

It is evident
in the following words:

The problem of Vedic Exegesis then is the problem of reviving the spirit and re-creating the inner experience of the atmosphere in which the Mantras took shape……like the mystic Asswattha tree ‘(Ficus Religiousia) with its root above and the branches below’, the Vedic tradition, in a broad sense, stands at the very source of almost all forms of Indian spiritual cults. And the interpretation of this tradition can be attempted with high results if we do not place the Vedas on the isolated heights of the past, but with a total vision of the present retrace our steps to the roots discovering, with a penetrating insight, the links at every step. But this movement in breadth must be supplemented by a movement in depth.

Shri Anirvan
Vedic Exegesis
The Early Phases, Part II, Essay 17
The Cultural Heritage of India, Volume I
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