The author has performed as the Former Head of Ranbir and Chitra Gupta School of Infrastructure Design and Management, IIT Kharagpur (2014 – 17) and the Department of Architecture and Regional Planning, IIT Kharagpur (2017 -2020), and also as Principal Investigator of the Science and Heritage Initiative (SandHI) of IIT Kharagpur (2013-19) and other Post-Sandhi initiatives, workshops, engagements, events, exhibitions, publications and media dissemination, till date.


Dr. Joy Sen
Professor, Department of Architecture and Regional Planning
Professor & Joint Faculty, Ranbir and Chitra Gupta School of Infrastructure Design and Management
Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur Kharagpur - 721302, INDIA

Essentially, an architect and community-and-regional planner by profession, the author’s interest have had expanded over the years to embrace various domains of Indic studies and deep cultural documentations required for a honest recovery of India’s past and its contribution to the future.

As a present bearer of the vision that empowers this website, the author solicits cooperation, concern and extended hands from the next generation, who are the torchbearers of tomorrow. The author invites the young minds to explore even more into the depths of humane and scientific recovery of India’s complete contribution, which have had spanned over many thousand years, to global systems of Sciences, Culture and Religion.

The objective of the website is not just to promote deep intellectual discussions but also to instil a primary interest in ethical and truthful contemplation, deep systems inquiry, and most important of all, a meditative probe into the heartland of India’s civilization. The initiatives firmly believe that one day young souls, and others of a future time, shall reach that light. They will reach that cascading spring in the deepest fathoms of mind and the vital, which is truth-giving, super conscious, and blissful infinitely exuding from the fountainhead of eternal, impersonal and universal spirituality. Yet, the spiritual truth has all its variety and heterogeneity from person to person manifestation. To embrace and integrate these two sides of the great expression, the impersonal and the personal, is the aim of our initiative.

Let us be very humbly on our knees. Let us deeply pray for that recovery. Let us try and reach that fountainhead of all fountainheads, the infinite undifferentiated lotus pedestal of the abode of the Seven Supreme Sages, the Sapta-Rishis, and seek their kind blessings. Only then, the complete tradition of the psycho-somatic and impersonal-personal truth shall be touched, to best assure the possibility of a complete recovery of Dhamma and the passage to truthful living.


A Large pool of youngsters, as research associates and scholars, research assistants, postgraduate and undergraduate students have responded. With their own talent and love for the country, India, they have found the first touch, a feel and a need to promote deep probe into the heartland of her civilization. Hence, it has grown.

A small initiative that was once started by the author converging on a working process called CONCEPT OF COMPLETE RELIGION (CCR) about two decades back, the initiatives and the living agglomeration of souls behind the objective have both grown in number, dedication and both has now come a long way.

The picture gallery below is just the tip of the iceberg, or we may say, the frontline generation who have consistently remained with the initiative.


At the heart of the initiative remain a perennial driving force, an ever-living impetus, a huge flame and divine touch of the guiding soul helping a helpless and groping soul. The helpless soul has no idea to proceed and progress. In this long journey of over thirty-three years, the author had met his guiding presence, a living spirit, exceeding even an archangel.

Like a Father and a Mother, a friend representing all, he has guided the author and the deeper motive behind the initiative. He is Swami Ramananda, a relatively unknown Saint, ordained by the touch of great divinities like Sri Sri Ramakrishna, Yogeswar Gorakshanathji, Acharya Bamdeva of Tarapeeth, Birbhum and others. He is highlighted in the picture above, standing right in the center.

One day, we hope the forerunning message of his divine, somehow limitedly epitomized in a term called CONCEPT OF COMPLETE RELIGION will touch many souls and foster their aspirations to approach divinity within, and without.