With Ayodhya Research Institute (in the pipeline) for advancing a Special Volume on the Implication of Rig Vedic Sages (Sapta Rishis) and the lore of Valmiki Ramayana, based on the Global Ramayana Encyclopaedia Project 2021

There is an immense opportunity to trace the collective matrix of historical-archaeological-anthropological-epigraphical-and-scriptural evidences exploring the global temporal and spatial linkages between:
  • The 'Seven Sages' of the Rig Veda, and
  • Their association with the special Divine personality called Lord Rama in Epic Ramayana
  • Because the Seven Sages are also the seven Gurus of Lord Rama in guiding his entire southbound journey from East/North-East India to the South. The seven sages are evident with the genesis of Solar dynasty (Vivaswan – Vaivaswat Manu) synchronous with the beginning (deluge) of any creative cycle. And these linkages also lead to different semantics (vectors) of deep ecological, cultural and social diaspora and dissemination to different parts of the world! If achieved, then the chronology Indian history in relationship with the world can be re-written!
IIT Kharagpur will explore and document a complete 1 volume Encyclopaedia with soft e-production on these linkages.