With RajaLakshmi School of Architecture, Rajalakshmi Institutions, Kancheepuram Tamil Nadu to explore, understand and document the ancient architectural, cultural and maritime legacy of Pallavas, with a special focus on KAILASHNATHAR KANCHEEPURAM, in relationship to Temple of Kailashnath in Ellora Complex, and various Temple Complexes in Himalayan North under Kashmir Shaivism; and establish a connection with Pehlevis of ancient Persia.

The grounded work

Had a series of in-situ discussion on the syntax-semantics-and-semiotics of Indian principles of place making around a sacred core! The students looked forward to repetitive discussions transcending the mere usage of just a blind measured drawing approach! We discovered a repository of design vocabulary in Iconographic application! HERE AT KAILASHNATHAR KANCHEEPURAM.

The historical backdrop that was explored:

Persia (Airyan) India (Aryavarta) SE Asia (Simha-puram)

Had a close look at the 'SIMHA' stambha (Lion based pillars) of the PALLAVAS ! The usage of Leo in the base (instead of the zenith); the inclusion of the horned goat style (mountain Ibex) of Capricorn in the base; the inversion of the astral cycle in axis Mundi depicting a cardinal in the cycle of equinoctials around the sun - are sources of distant Indian architectural memoirs! The LION and THE SUN were icons common to Indian PAHLAVIS and Iranian PEHLEVIS! The legend of SIMHA.VISHNU (Aditya of the VEDAS)! Echoes are evident in the ancient Lion-City (Simha-puram) city once founded by the Pallavas, called Singapore today!