With Network: QMUL Centre for Creative and Cultural Economy., Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom for conducting a pilot project on the 5 sector driven creative industry potential around the ‘pulsar effect’ created by Autumnal Mother Goddess (Durga Puja) festival in Greater Kolkata Metropolitan region to various districts of West Bengal.

The collaboration

A joint and collaborative project by the Centre for the Creative and Cultural Economy, Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom and Department of Architecture and Regional Planning, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur had conducted a forerunning range of engagement surveys and mapping exercise in different locations of Kolkata Metropolitan Area and beyond. The project has been funded by The British Council (Global) Division.


The aims & objectives

The British Council and Department of Tourism, Government of West Bengal are collaborating to carry out a research exercise for mapping the economic worth of creative industries around the festivals of West Bengal. The proposed research exercise will have two lenses:

The work was finally awarded to the Center of Creative and Cultural Industries, Queens Mary University of London, UK and the Department of Architecture and Regional Planning, IIT Kharagpur. Exhaustive engagement surveys were specially conducted in addition of general surveys of creative industries associated with the Mega or ‘Pulsar effect’ of the festival of the Mother Goddess. It has an interesting revelation that the power of networks of light of informal creative industries bordering on media, culture, fun, tourism and even religion and pilgrimage has greater power to sustain the circular economy and livelihood of a region’s creative population than formal modern and tech-savvy industries.