“It was the Aryans, who moved to Persia, from there went to Turkey and finally were the first citizens of Greece.’’

“The celebrated philosopher Plato and mathematician Pythagoras were actually of Aryan origin. The latter even came to India to learn Vedic concepts of numbers that we know as Vedic mathematics today,’’ Sen told TOI. “The numerals zero and one have come from the Vedic concepts of ‘sunya’ and ‘adwaita’. Not only numbers, even computational mathematics that the world follows today owes its origin to India. The words algebra, geometry and trigonometry are derived from Vedic mathematical concepts of ‘aljabura’, ‘trikonomatra’ and ‘jyamity’,’’ the book says.

TIMES OF INDIA, Kolkata (2006)


The book entitled Concept of Complete Religion has been written in a unique way, perhaps never seen before! From science to culture; from language to philosophy; and from religion to ultimate human resources development, which is spirituality, the book has traced the hierarchy of human minds (Sri Aurobindo) and Needs (Abraham Maslow) and integrated all, all of them and traced its common origin.

The book unlocks India's complete contribution to the world in terms of three most important frontiers of humanity - religion, science and culture. The book systematically and historically traces this contribution. Being authored by Prof. Joy Sen of the Department of Architecture and Regional Planning, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, it provides us a vital key, which has been termed 'Concept of Complete Religion' – a key to embrace all humanity!

The book first brings to light the ancient sources and it does that logically. From the earliest Vedic foundations to the lineage of many prophets, the book has evolved on a key realization: 'The microcosm (small scale structures) and the macrocosm (large scale structures) are built on the same plan'. The plan is the realized foundation of the Vedas and of all later sciences, philosophies and institutions that are born till date. The principles of time-space-causation that is lived by Sages and aspirants, the iteration of evolution and involution in the causation and its cyclic growth pattern and the advancing of the human mind from shallow to deep ecological foundations, are the scientific constructs and semantics of the foundation. Against this foundation, the book forwards the following:

Historically it clears the doubts and bridges the missing links of Indian historic chronology in relationship to that of the world and clarifies the actual foundations of original Aryan strength not having a racial connotation but as Sages or bearers of universal assimilation and knowledge!

Culturally it establishes the foundation of Indo-European tree! - A vital link to India's contribution to global language systems and semantics. All throughout the discussion, the book has provided evidences and finally collated an exclusive glossary of over 500 original Sanskrit words that have become our commonly known English and other European words!

Scientifically, it provides ample evidences to establish the flow of Knowledge - that of the earliest social, material, and the cosmic sciences from India to Persia; from Persia (Elam-Sumeria) to Egypt and Anatolia, and finally to Mediterranean Greece. At Pre-Olympian Delphi and Thrace, Greece the more rational constructs were born a 1000 years prior to Plato, Pythagoras, Protagoras and Hippocrates. It then shaped the earliest Anatolian/ Milesian and Ionian philosophers of Greece, thereby forming the very 'cradle of European civilization'. Much of the Pre-Olympian Thracian-Balkan civilization legacy, a few 1000 years before and after Troy, holds the key between ancient Asia and nascent Europe. The key was suppressed as Emperor Nero as burnt the Library of Alexandria. The further suppression occurred with the subsequent imperialistic mission of Emperor Constantine and Justinian manipulating the foundations of Christianity to stronghold Rome. The Roman Empire, before it collapsed in Ad 470, destroyed all ancient connections by earmarking all that that originated in the Lands of the East or had preceded them by a few 1000 years, as ‘Barbaric’, ‘Pagan’ and ‘not related to the European order due to a overdose of straightforward Asian mysticism’! With the rise of the ‘Eleatic School’ and the switch over to the ‘Material utilitarian order’, since Aristotle, Europe could delink from the contributions of Asia in all forms of life, religion, culture and science, till there was a return to the ancient Pre-Olympian Greco-Roman values after the Fall of Granada in 1493.

The battle between and the reconciliation of the two ends of life, that of nature driven mysticism and freedom, on the one hand and the structured material scientific order, on the other hand, have historically led to the famous ‘Apollo-Dionysius’ dilemma as portrayed by the Plato-Aristotle shift, or much later, by Fredric Nietzsche, Oswald Spengler, and finally, Nobel Laureate Herman Hesse. It is this conflict that runs and aggravates the historic continuum and has pushed humanity again and again to schisms, polarization to factions and groups, and even to continental separation and great wars. But it is also the reconciliation of the two, the union of the sacred, soft and natural feminine paradigm of open creativity, multiplicity and heterogeneity with the other, a strong monolithic block of the Male top-down order and its social conformity that brings back peace, and allows humanity to design the journey to ‘Completeness’!

Deep ecologically and architecturally the book has forwarded a large set of evidences that unfold stories of journeys not in favour of reconciliation and splitting the original. As a most prominent feature of the shift and Diaspora, the book has traced the continuum of an original sea of the universal Vedic ideals and realization that was not institutionalized, and gnosis and impersonal sovereignty had been its bedrock, to stages of personification, iconography, proselytizing trends and institutionalization of popular religious and even non-religious agnostic blocks of faith. To trace the beginning of the decomposition, the Book has explained how from the origin three later schools of religion had ramified further and further leading to a plethora of faith not agreeing to each other:

  • Later iconographic priestly laded trends of Brahmminical Hinduism and later Buddhism deviating from the original preaching of the Buddha that lead to a separation between the two streams originating from one common source
  • A ritualistic Magi (Atharvan Priests) laded religion in Persia deviating from the original lore of the Gatha and the root preaching of Atharvan Zarathusthra, and
  • A growing predominance of a male chauvinistic patriarchal tradition in Semitic tradition or later Judaism and its aftermath leading to two major offshoots, namely, Christianity and Islam, with its equivalence to the Mayavada school of Vedanta in India

But now, times are changing! Through many alleys of confrontation and change; through traversing many and many treads of humanity’s historic experience, a global experience of humanity through science and technology of communication, on the other hand and the recovery of the humane best from the past, is strongly evident! These are times, where chances of reconciliation between a later Olympian Athenian Apollonian order in early Europe with the Pre-Olympian Dionysian representation of life in the ancient Asia. These are now times of increasing acceptance instead of aimless polemics and arguments; these are forthcoming centuries of cooperation instead for just the survival of the fittest based on competition; and finally, an ushering into a new age based the spirit of assimilation than division of power and labour, and warfare. Accordingly, the book has made an attempt to best assimilate the various inputs from the past and the immediate present to recognize a meeting ground of science, religion and culture.

Concept of Complete Religion

A key to unlock India's complete contribution to Global religion, sciences and culture ISBN number. 81-902768-2-4

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